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The Common Cause Handbook published by PIRC provides a great overview of the Common Cause idea and includes activities and exercises that support you to explore values in your own setting.

To download a copy visit the Downloads section of www.valuesandframes.org

Working from values published by Waste Watch is the first of several working papers that explore values in relations to sustainability and well-being. Tim Burns sets out a clear narrative and invites readers to engage and build upon an emerging dialogue around Sustainable Lifestyles.

To download, click image above.

Our Common Place published by Waste Watch is a summary of work conducted with communities in London to create positive social and environmental change. It shares early evidence of impact and weaves in theoretical references to the current literature on values, co-operation and wellbeing. An inspiring example of what can be done through a focussed project and an emerging case study of best practice.

To download, click image above.

Building a Case for Change is a research report produced as an outcome of the Leading Through Values pilot project. It was commissioned by the project partners to provide background context for the pilot and establish a theoretical basis for the work and its findings. The report is a work in progress and will be periodically updated as new evidence and information becomes available.

To download, click image above.

The Conscience Industry is a TEDx Exeter presentation by Tom Crompton - one of the authors behind the Common Cause report. In this interesting talk, Tom explains how values work in relation to the marketing industry and the charities sector and how these different bodies come together, battling for our minds and behaviour and of course all the time tugging at our values!

To view, click image above.

Motivating the Core is a thinkpiece written for Think Global by Rob Bowden and shares insights into a recently completed pilot project in 9 primary schools on Leading Through Values. This paper has a particular focus on exploring how a values perspective might support schools seeking to enrich or perhaps initiate their work around global learning.

To view, link here or click image above.


A new report from Common Cause looking at values, frames and organisations working to protect nature.

As well as the report, a useful practitioners guide provides a great example of the application of Common Cause theory. Even if your work is not directly connected to nature the parallels are easy to draw.

You can access and download both reports for free here.

A report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility - The Character and Resilience Manifesto makes interesting and at times controversial reading.

It is a useful contribution to the debate and shows there is interest at the highest levels in government.

You can access and download the manifesto and other related papers here.

Practitioner Perspective:

Lifeworlds practitioner and literacy specialist, Rosie Wilson shares a perspective on Learning Through Values as a means for building values literacy through real world connections.

Rosie talks about the centrality of literacy and the place of dialogic techniques such as Philosophy for Children (P4C) in developing this.

Read it here.


These pages are for resources (printed, digitial and audio-visual) related to values and learning. They are selected by the team at Lifeworlds and are added as sourced.

These pages will also be used to publish outputs from projects that are hosted by Learning Through Values.

Got a resource to add or recommend? Please let us know.


As an aside from the official Referendum Debate, the Church of Scotland held conversations with around 900 people from across the nation to reveal an alternative and values-based vision for the future of the country.

You can access the easy to read and insightful report here.

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A new research report from RSA looking at how to overcome the piecemeal approach to SMSC that often dominates practice.

Developed through a steering group of teacher, practitioners and organisations with expertise in SMSC in schools the findings make for interesting reading and have much relevance for work and learning around values.

Click report cover above for link.

A short film from nowhere in which Dr Nick Udall explores the three phrases of riding the creative-rollercoaster - on-boarding, questing and illuminating - and how a creative team must take this journey from the known to the unknown together.

The importance of values is highlighted as a key to the final stages of the journey and Nick suggests the imperative of honest conversations. The entire process is highly relevant to a values journey however.

Link to film here

Putting values at the heart of teaching and learning?

A number of new curricula approaches and teaching guidelines from around the world are integrating a specific values element.

We have gathered some of these here. If you know of others then please let us know and we'll add a link.

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