1. Getting to Grips
4. Systemic Shift

Group Learning Journey

Join or form a Learning Through Values group (typically 8-16 members) to embark on a values journey together. Support comes in the form of intensive development days (typically 3-5) and remote and/or in-situ support in the intervening periods. This model is built around action learning/research and is normally completed over a 6-12 month period to enable the effective transfer of theory into practice within participants' settings.

Contact us by email for further information.

Remote Learning Journey

Learn alongside others using on-line modules, resources, conversations and occassional fixed date inputs. We recommend face to face options above, but recognise that these may not be viable for everyone. Our remote option enables those with geographical, budgetary or time restrictions to still engage in Learning Through Values. Remote learning groups typically involve 5-10 participants to enable high quality interaction, but we can work with larger groups by agreement.

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Residential Learning Space

Using our many years of experience in running study visits we have created a residential form of Learning Through Values that is deliverable over 3-5 days (dependent on needs) at a variety of locations. This is an immersive opportunity in which participants will find the time and space to learn, reflect on, and apply a values approach to their setting. This option is ideal for a working team, but also for individuals who want to join a group and learn alongside others.

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Bespoke Learning Journey

Learning Through Values can be delivered as a bespoke learning journey at a time, place, pace and scale to suit your setting. We negotiate all elements of the journey with you and can adapt content to address challenges and opportunities that are specific to you. This is the most tailored of all of the delivery options and is well suited to those seeking to firmly commit to a values-led approach.

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We provide a range of training and professional development opportunities to suit a variety of needs, timescales and budgets. We strongly advise on negotiating bespoke support to optimise relevance and impact, but we recognise that is not always possible. We have therefore gathered what we know works into a series of modules that can be delivered in a number of forms.

The remainder of this page explains these modules and delivery forms, whilst the links to the left provide further information as to why you might engage in values training for your sector.

Delivery Formats

Choose the delivery format that most suits your own needs, or if you are not sure then contact us to discuss what might be best for you.

LTV Modules

Whatever delivery format you choose, Learning Through Values is built around a set of core modules that are then adapted to suit delivery methods and audience.

• What are values?

• Where do values come from?

• How do values work? - the science bit

• Thinking about our own values

• The visibility of values

• Values and learning

• Finding your flow (values in everyday life)

2. Bringing it Alive

• Creating safe spaces

• Developing critical perspectives

• Taking risks and reflecting on learning

• Enabling learner voice

• Understanding and engaging power

• Resources and approaches

• Designing values-based learning

• Thinking and working in systems

• Looking outside of the box

• Working with (not against) change

• The whole as reflection of parts

• Action learning and progressive evaluation

• Building resilience (inside and out)

• Accepting our Lifeworlds

3. Making it Stick

• Communities of practice/being

Finding the connection

• Living values - the operational environment

• Appreciative enquiry and asset mapping

• Organisational culture

• Understanding change

• Leadership as learning


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