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Lifeworlds Learning are pleased to launch a new training /professional development offer that can support schools, organisations, businesses or communities to undertake their own values learning journey.

The offer builds on previous projects, courses, workshops and bespoke support offered by the delivery team and their partners.

The offer is available in 4 different forms, making it accessible, affordable and relevant to your particular needs. Each format utilises core content that is then adapted to particular settings and learning styles.

To see the full range of options, please visit our training pages or call Rob Bowden to discuss what is best for you.

Practitioner Perspective:

Lifeworlds practitioner and literacy specialist, Rosie Wilson shares a perspective on Learning Through Values as a means for building values literacy through real world connections.

Rosie talks about the centrality of literacy and the place of dialogic techniques such as Philosophy for Children (P4C) in developing this. Read it here.

Training courses

Riding the Creative Rollercoaster is a short and inspiring animation from nowhere and is very relevant for any organisation considering or facing resistance to a values journey. It reminds us of the danger of 'as is' and the excitement and transformational opportunities of collective risk.

Learning Through Values in China: an East meets West dialogue.

Lifeworlds have just returned from Shanghai in China where they were working with a number of schools to explore the potential of Learning Through Values in a Chinese context. A number of seminars and workshops around LTV were facilitated for school leaders from across the phases - kindergartens through to higher schools.

Perhaps, contrary to public perception, many people in China are ready for, and seeking, an opportunity to think about values as a balance to the juggernaut of consumerism and construction that has shaped society for the past 20 years. Education is at the core of this debate, with much focus on what is being taught and how it is shaping the next generation of decision makers.

We will publish more on these pages soon and we welcome our Chinese colleagues to the LTV community.


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Learning Through Values has been developed by Lifeworlds Learning to provide support for the exploration of values through dialogue and learning in a number of different settings.

It is an idea, motivation, depository, collaboration, vehicle, and space that we hope will inspire others to get involved.

At its heart is a growing community of practice and an emerging body of evidence that shares the theory and practice of Learning Through Values.


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Promoting "British Values" - let's think this through!

In response to the Education Secratary announcing that all schools should promote 'British Values', LTV is proposing a day of dialogue and sharing around this key issue that could have profound implications for schools and for values-based learning.

We are developing our response to this, but if you'd be interested in joining a day to discuss this then please get in touch.

Publishing - Jan 2015
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